Hi, my name is Becca and this is my blog devoted to the brilliant, talented, (and gorgeous) actor Christian Bale. Enjoy! :)

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Would You Like to Accompany Me To Dinner?


Terrence Malick has locked his upcoming Christian Bale-led drama and we’ve got news on at least one actor that made the cut.


#9. My Favourite Christian Bale Films/Performances


Feeling some Christian Bale nostalgia. Here he is in some period pieces from the ’90s, in reverse chronological order: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Portrait of a Lady, Little Women, and Newsies.

The last three, from Newsies… that’s when my long time love and appreciation of him began.

What do you expect, I was 15, and he was singing!

I know I have a potty mouth.

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