Hi, my name is Becca and this is my blog devoted to the brilliant, talented, (and gorgeous) actor Christian Bale. Enjoy! :)


Ahem… look at you, Christian…


Christian Bale + faceless

Out of the furnace


Christian can you stop being the cutest guy ever? Thanks.

I admire Christian because he feels no compulsion to be anything other than who he is. It doesn’t matter. Ever since Batman, he’s become a big sort of star and box office. He’s exactly the same kind of actor he always was, which I think is incredibly truthful and very dedicated, and unbelievably fearless. I mean, if you look at what he tackles as an actor, it’s kind of extraordinary.”

- Hugh Jackman on Christian Bale, his The Prestige co-star. [x]

Christian Bale Filmography 1987-2001 

Can I just say how much I love baledaily's gifs?

Bale being uncomfortable/embarrassed is everything to me. (x)


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